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Smart parking system eases traffic pressures

en.wiotexpo.cn Updated:2017-08-04


China Mobile’s Wuxi branch recently launched an IoT-based smart parking system to address parking problems in the city, Wuxi Daily reported.


NB-IoT (narrow band internet of things) vehicle detectors are embedded in the parking lot. [Photo/wxrb.com]

When a car parks in a parking space, an embedded NB-IoT (narrow band internet of things) vehicle detector will deliver a signal to a parking lot management system. The system is then notifies the car’s owner for payment for parking their vehicle and updates a notice board to notify incoming traffic of parking space availability. 

People can check the amount of free parking spaces, reserve parking space and search for their car’s positions through their mobile phones. The new system makes it easier for the parking management department and transport authorities to regulate and monitor city parking areas. 

NB-IoT technology has the advantages of low cost, wide coverage, long battery life and enables a large amount of connected devices. The technology is believed to have great potential in future applications.

The Wuxi City Communication Engineering Company is currently working with China Mobile’s Wuxi branch to build 5,000 new parking spaces. A parking lot and 41 parking spaces have been finished so far. 

The NB-IoT network from China Mobile’s Wuxi branch has covered the entire city since May 17. The technology has also been used for public share-bike unlocking systems and smart healthcare. Ericsson and AstraZeneca have signed agreements with China Mobile’s Wuxi branch for an IoT-based healthcare project, which will provide patients, doctors and the hospitals with data and information to further transform the healthcare industry.