ZTE ITS Co alleviates traffic congestion with IoT technologies

chinadaily.com.cn| Jul 11, 2019


Wuxi-based ZTE Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Co is dedicated to alleviating traffic congestion in Chinese cities through the use of IoT technologies.

Liu Haifeng, general-manager of ZTE ITS Co, holds that most traffic congestion is caused by a lack of parking place.

In order to solve this problem, ZTE ITS Co developed an intelligent parking cloud platform, which integrates all the parking spaces in a city, including those in office buildings, hospitals, communities, and other government and social resources with the help of IoT technologies.

After collecting information about parking spaces in the city, the Wuxi-based company will encourage managers and owners of the parking spaces to share their vacant spaces to drivers in need based on the cloud platform's real-time supervision.

Drivers in the city can receive real-time parking space information from the cloud platform via a cellphone application entitled "Renniting".

Take a scenic spot in a city for an example. The scenic spot is capable of offering 3,000 parking spaces; however, the cloud platform predicts that about 5,000 vehicles are expected to park at the scenic spot on a given day.

When more than 3,000 tourists driving personal cars enter the scenic spot, they will be informed by the mobile phone app that there are no parking spaces available and will then be directed to a parking place nearby.

If the parking lot is far from the entrance of the scenic spot, a shuttle bus is provided to carry the tourist to the scenic area, which can alleviate traffic congestion in scenic spots.

In 2017, ZTE ITS Co piloted its intelligent parking cloud platform in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and saw strong results.

The company has promoted the application of the cloud platform to Danyang, a county-level city of Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, and Huangshi, and plans to apply it in Xicheng district of Beijing.

In addition, the cloud platform can also offer local governments weekly, quarterly and yearly reports about the conditions of parking lots.


Liu Haifeng, general-manager of ZTE ITS Co, introduces the company's intelligent parking cloud platform. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]