Intelligent video monitoring beefs up security services

chinadaily.com.cn| Jul 16, 2019



Dahua Technology, headquartered in Hangzhou, in East China's Zhejiang province, is a world-leading provider of video-based internet of things solutions. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Dahua Technology, a world-leading provider of video-based internet of things solutions, has produced many intelligent video monitoring devices that have greatly improved security services.

The devices, equipped with intelligent technologies, can conduct automatic data analysis and information extractions that prove extremely helpful in a many scenarios, according to company representatives.

They support facial recognition, comparing the captured image of a human face with a database to identify a person, which is used for entrance controls of residential buildings. They can also spot particular individuals including criminals or lost people in large places such as airports, railway stations and stadiums.

"We have more than 1,000 cameras installed throughout the city of Wuxi that support facial recognition. The image of any lost senior can be captured and identified when they are walking, so that the police will quickly find them. The same thing also applies to lost children," said Xu Yongchun, technical manager of Dahua Technology Wuxi.

In addition to human faces, vehicles can also be identified – from their shape, color, plate number and other characteristics – so that familiar vehicles can enter and exit a residential area or an industrial park without having to stop and register, while strange cars are closely watched, thus improving efficiency and safeguarding security.

If a car or person breaks into a forbidden area or overstays in a sensitive area, the device will immediately trigger an alarm at the monitoring center and starts automatic tracking of the car or person.

The company says the devices can also improve traffic management on highways, by counting the number of passing vehicles, calculating the average vehicle speed and detecting any illegally parking or malfunctioning car. Any car breaking the traffic laws will be immediately captured by the video system, with their plate number, car model and logo information recorded at once.

"Nowadays, a lot of data is captured but is not properly used to generate value, so we want to employ intelligent technologies to improve urban management and contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of cities," Xu said.

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