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Wuxi, Huawei team up to build new smart city




A signing ceremony to deepen cooperation between the Wuxi government and Huawei is held on Aug 18. [Photo/news.jstv.com]

The Wuxi government signed an agreement with telecom giant Huawei on Aug 18 to deepen cooperation in developing new-generation information technologies with the goal of turning Wuxi into a new smart city.

The two sides agreed to strengthen ties in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of vehicles (IoV), big data, industrial internet, film and TV innovation, as well as smart city construction during the signing ceremony.

In 2018, Wuxi initiated the construction of the world's first city-level demonstration project of IoV application and Huawei has been a core member of the project. In 2019, the Huawei IoV Innovation Center settled in Wuxi. The city-company cooperation history has laid a solid foundation for further partnership.

The Wuxi government has pledged to provide maximum support in marketing, talent introduction, and office spaces to help Huawei develop projects focusing on cutting-edge technologies in Wuxi.

According to Huawei, the company will increase investment in talents, technologies, and industries in 5G, as well as the internet of things (IoT), AI, cloud computing, big data, and other fields in Wuxi. It will also support the joint incubation of its leading technologies and solutions in the city.

The two sides will jointly build the Shengteng AI industry base and Huawei's Wuxi Digital Film and Television Innovation Center, deepen the collaborative innovation and application of IoV technology, cultivate leading ICT talents, as well as upgrade the digital economy in an effort to create a complete industrial ecosystem for the high-quality development of new-generation information technologies in Wuxi.

In order to promote in-depth industrial exchanges, for two consecutive days, more than 50 high-quality enterprises from Wuxi have had business negotiations with Huawei, aiming to realize resource sharing and explore mutually beneficial opportunities.