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Wuxi hosts drone summit and competition




Pilots compete during the 2020 International Drone Competition in Wuxi on Aug 23. [Photo/wiotexpo.cn]

The 2020 International Drone Development Summit and Drone Competition were held from Aug 21 to 23 in Wuxi as part of the 2020 World Internet of Things Expo.

Over 200 drone lovers took part in the competition and were divided into several categories – masters, professionals, amateurs, women and disabled people. The drone competition, which integrates aviation technology, competitive sports and smart development, is becoming increasingly popular.

Wu Qiuyan, a seven-year-old participant in the female group, was the youngest pilot in the drone speed race. She showed great potential, particularly when taking off and passing obstacles during the race.

Wu said her father inspired her to start learning to fly drones when she was in kindergarten.


A drone passes through obstacles during the competition. [Photo/wxrb.com]

Drones, a popular application of internet of things technology, are a complex combination of integrated circuits, optoelectronics, micro motors, flight control, information processing, communications, new materials and power.

"Wuxi has a strong foundation in developing drones," said Liu Daxiang, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, during the drone summit held on Aug 21.

Liu said that the latest innovative technologies related to solar energy, lithium batteries and hydrogen energy developed in Wuxi will be able to provide new energy for drones.

Li Zhenyun, deputy director of Liangxi district, said the drone event is expected to introduce more IoT application projects and attract more talent to Wuxi.