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World IoT Expo goes online




The online platform for the 2020 World Internet of Things Expo. [Photo/wiotexpo.cn]

The online platform for the 2020 World Internet of Things Expo was launched in Wuxi on Sept 25 as a supplement to the physical exhibition.

The online expo will run until Sept 28 under the participation of over 1,000 internet of things (IoT) enterprises from home and abroad.

The online expo is made up of four parts, including the IoT 3D virtual exhibition, exhibition areas for IoT companies and products, excellent IoT cases in Jiangsu province, and IoT cluster technologies and applications.

The IoT 3D virtual exhibition promotes IoT enterprises and products through a 720-degree panoramic exhibition area. Views can also click on the booth for more information about items.

The 3D virtual exhibition focuses on IoT, industrial internet, smart medical treatment, and advanced perceptions and includes four themed pavilions for the Nanshan Internet of Vehicles Town, Xuelang Town, Huihaiwan Town, and the AstraZeneca China Health IoT Innovation Center.

Visitors can also visit the four offline locations from Sept 25-28 and at scheduled times from September to October.

The exhibition area for IoT companies and products is housing 100 leading enterprises, which are showcasing their latest IoT technologies, products, applications, and solutions.

The exhibition area displaying excellent IoT cases from Jiangsu province is sponsored by the provincial department of industry and information technology. It is showcasing key products and excellent application cases of IoT enterprises in Jiangsu and aims to further promote the integration of IoT with other industries.

The exhibition area for IoT cluster technologies and applications is exhibiting IoT cluster members and excellent IoT products from home and abroad, which are classified and displayed by perception, transmission computing, and application. It aims to promote the integrated development of the global IoT industry and local industries.

More details about the online IoT expo can be found at its official website and WeChat mini program.