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Wuxi pilots IoV development




The 2020 Internet of Vehicles Industrial Summit is held in Wuxi on Oct 30. [Photo/wiotexpo.cn]

The National Jiangsu (Wuxi) Internet of Vehicles Pilot Zone Exhibition Center announced its official opening during the 2020 Internet of Vehicles Industrial Summit in Wuxi on Oct 30.

As a key event of the 2020 World Internet of Things Expo, the summit invited experts, scholars and representatives from related enterprises to talk about the latest trends and innovations in the development of the internet of vehicles (IoV) industry, aiming to accelerate the cultivation and optimization of the industry and promote its high-quality development in Wuxi.

IoV is a new industrial form that deeply integrates the internet, automobiles, electronics, information communications, transport and traffic management. It is becoming a global innovation hotspot due to its wide range of application scenarios, a large market, strong social benefits and strong development potential.

Gao Yaguang, vice-mayor of Wuxi, said that the city is the world's largest demonstration city for IoV applications. The construction of the IoV pilot area will be expanded to more than 600 intersections this year, covering over 300 square kilometers. A series of new roadside intelligent facilities will be piloted in Wuxi as well.

Gao added that 68 IoV-related enterprises have been newly developed in Wuxi. Several traditional auto-part companies have been working on transformation and upgrading.

The National Jiangsu (Wuxi) Internet of Vehicles Pilot Zone, located in Xishan district, has signed with Bosch, Germany's largest automotive supplier, to build 6.2 kilometers of public test roads for intelligent networked vehicles, according to Zhou Wendong, Party secretary of Xishan district.

Zhou noted that more IoV projects and firms will be introduced to the Wuxi center in the future.