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New IC service platform goes into operation




Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Center. [Photo/wxrb.com]

The integrated circuit (IC) innovation service platform began operating at the Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Center in Binhu district on Nov 13.

The platform was built by the Wuxi Research Institute of Applied Technologies at Tsinghua University and is dedicated to providing collaborative services to small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in IC design.

It will also cooperate with the Wuxi Xin Huo IC Industrial Promotion Center, Shanghai IC Technology and Industry Promotion Center and leading service enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region to share resources and provide better services, according to officials.

Ma Liang, Party secretary of Binhu district, said that the new service platform will not only benefit small and medium-sized enterprises which struggle with project research, lack of talent, and shortages in technology and testing and analysis equipment, but also promote the application of more innovative achievements.

Ma said that the IC industry, which is first among six major emerging industries supported by the Binhu district government, has been developing rapidly with the help of a number of attractive policies and related service platforms.

The Wuxi Research Institute of Applied Technologies has built over 10 research and development centers in Binhu district, making Wuxi more attractive to high-end talent and research and development teams.

From January to October this year, the total sales of the Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Center exceeded 3 billion yuan ($ 458.5 million), and about 40 IC design enterprises were set up in the area since the beginning of this year.