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IoT technologies integrating 5G highlighted at Wuxi expo




The annual announcement of new technologies, products and applications in the IoT industry, a key event of the World Internet of Things Exposition, is held on Nov 18. [Photo from the World Internet of Things Exposition]

The latest internet of things (IoT) technologies, products and applications integrating 5G technology were revealed at the award ceremony for the 2020 World Internet of Things Expo in Wuxi, Jiangsu province on Nov 18.

The event is a major part of the annual World Internet of Things Expo, with 10 gold awards, 10 special awards and 40 innovative awards up for grabs in areas such as 5G, internet of vehicles (IoV), intelligent manufacturing, industrial IoT, and intelligent energy.

Gold award winners included Huawei's IoV roadside communication-unit equipment RSU6201, Hikvision's AI multi-camera series cameras, LoMir's smart logistics platform, an industrial internet technology integration test platform, Jabil Electronics' smart manufacturing factory based on 5G and MEC edge computing, a 5G+ smart water-supply joint supervision platform, and a 5G bus network integration gateway.


Detailed information of awarded projects is displayed at the event. [Photo from the World Internet of Things Exposition]

The new smart camera technology developed by leading Hangzhou-headquartered video surveillance company Hikvision is able to collect data automatically while carrying out video surveillance through a combination of multiple lenses.

The smart manufacturing factory built by Jabil Electronics (Wuxi) Co is based on an industrial internet platform developed by the company in partnership with China Mobile.

The platform is able to detect information crucial to management by looking at big data generated in the production workshop and then feed the information back to the production workshop, said Shu Peng, general manager of Jabil Electronics (Wuxi) Co.

Officials said that a total of 1,625 projects have participated in the competition, including many by Fortune 500 companies such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Siemens, Bosch, Huawei, JD.com, Infineon and Ericsson, as well as international enterprises from countries such as Switzerland and Ireland.

The three-month-long 2020 World Internet of Things Expo, which concluded with the award ceremony on Nov 18, has become an important platform for carrying out international exchange and cooperation, releasing new tech products, displaying industrial development layouts, and announcing high-end talent policies for Wuxi National Internet of Things Innovation Demonstration Zone, said Gao Yaguang, vice mayor of Wuxi.