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Path to becoming technology leader

China Daily Updated:2021-10-23



Exploring IoT construction

In 2009, the national sensor network innovation demonstration zone was established in Wuxi. Since then, Wuxi accelerated the development of internet of things technology, industry and application. It spared no effort to attract research and development institutions from home and abroad in a bid to support innovation in technology. By the end of 2011, the city had attracted hundreds of top talents and 31 IoT R&D institutions. In terms of the development of an industrial cluster, the city formed an industrial ecosystem that integrated sensing equipment, network communication, processing applications, key common technologies and basic supporting systems. Wuxi carried out national- and provincial-level demonstration projects incorporating applications covering agriculture, electricity, logistics, transportation, city security, environmental protection and medical care. It has taken a leading role in the application of IoT in intelligent homes in communities and in remote healthcare.


Brand building

In 2012, the State Council approved the 2012-20 guideline on developing the national sensor network innovation demonstration zone in Wuxi, encouraging the Wuxi government to build the demonstration zone with global influence. Revolving around the target, Wuxi had been actively building its brand of a "wisdom city". By the end of 2016, Wuxi was home to nearly 2,000 IoT companies, with the growth rate of business income surpassing 20 percent for five consecutive years, and the industrial scale and growth rate ranked first in the country. The industrial ecosystem had taken shape; its intelligent sensor system industrial cluster was recognized among the first batch in China and as the only innovative industrial cluster in Jiangsu province. In 2010, Wuxi began to hold an international expo for IoT. In 2016, the event was upgraded to the World Internet of Things Exposition, becoming an influential industry event. Wuxi has since become a world-famous landmark in the IoT economy.


Developing industrial cluster

In 2017, the Wuxi city government issued a three-year action plan on accelerating the development of new generation information technology based on the IoT. According to the plan, the city promoted the coordinated development of industries and fields such as high-performance integrated circuits, intelligent sensors, high-end software system integration, cloud computing, big data and information infrastructure. By 2020, Wuxi had more than 3,000 IoT companies and had attracted a group of projects including an R&D and manufacturing base for Huahong Group to make integrated circuits.