• 3D high-definition map to empower self-driving cars

    Jul 16,2019

    The safety of self-driving cars is expected to be enhanced by a more powerful route finder in the form of a 3D high-definition map, according to Wang Xiaotao, production manager of the company producing it, BrightMap.

  • Internet of things upgrades air monitoring

    Jul 16,2019

    Wuxi CAS Photonics has made remarkable achievements in the area by using internet of things technologies.

  • ZTE ITS Co alleviates traffic congestion with IoT technologies

    Jul 11,2019

    Wuxi-based ZTE Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Co is dedicated to alleviating traffic congestion in Chinese cities through the use of IoT technologies.

  • IoT empowers private real businesses

    Jul 10,2019

    IoT technologies have the potential to help alleviate financing problems for private manufacturing businesses in China, according to Liu Haitao, director of the Wuxi IoT Industry Research Institute.

  • Information technology makes Wuxi smarter

    Dec 21,2018

    Wuxi city is making further steps in becoming a qualified smart city by improving its information infrastructure and applying cloud computing, big data, internet of things and mobile internet.

  • Robots ensure efficient logistics in Wuxi

    Nov 07,2018

    Cainiao Network, an Alibaba Group's logistics arm, will put its first IoT (internet of things) Future Park into use for the upcoming "Double Eleven" (Nov 11) shopping frenzy.

  • Firms use IoT to ramp up added value

    Sep 18,2018

    Chinese companies and institutions are accelerating their application of internet of things technologies to improve their efficiency and provide added-value to their customers.

  • Internet of things helps transform city into metropolis of the future

    Sep 15,2018

    Internet of things technologies are transforming the everyday lives of people in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, thanks to the city's efforts to position itself at the center of the latest tech revolution.

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