Wuxi supports smart transportation 

en.wiotexpo.cn Updated:2017-08-04

Aerospace Daway, a Wuxi-based company, has been promoting city traffic efficiency through an integrated internet of things (IoT) system, the Wuxi Daily reports. 

Aerospace Daway’s intelligent traffic signal controllers and real-time adaptive traffic signal control system has brought the company to the forefront of smart transportation. 

In 2016, Aerospace Daway became a holding company of the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC), a State-owned aerospace giant. The technology and management concepts from CASIC pushed Daway to a new level. 

“The output of the company in 2016 reached 300 million yuan ($44.4 million), increasing 10 percent compared with 2015,” said Li Xudong, executive vice-general manager of the company. He predicts that this year’s output can reach 400 million yuan, at a growth of 30 percent. 

CASIC chose Daway as its subsidiary because Wuxi is gearing up to developing a smart city, therefore it can be a test field for CASIC’s technology applications.

Intelligent transportation products and services from Aerospace Daway have covered more than 30 cities in the country. The company has also worked with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on image recognition systems R&D.