• Information technology makes Wuxi smarter


    Wuxi city is making further steps in becoming a qualified smart city by improving its information infrastructure and applying cloud computing, big data, internet of things and mobile internet.

  • Wuxi Micro-Nano Park incubates China's IoT industry


    China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, also known as the Micro-Nano Park, has earned wide recognition after ten years of vigorous development in Wuxi Xinwu district.

  • Wuxi joints Tokyo on intelligent manufacturing


    A delegation of Party and government officials from Wuxi visited Tokyo, Japan on Nov 27 to talk about cooperation on intelligent manufacturing.

  • Institute of Depth-Sensing Technology settles in Wuxi


    The Institute of Depth-Sensing Technology settled on Nov 13 in Wuxi Hi-tech district, in a joint project between Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute and the city.

  • Robots ensure efficient logistics in Wuxi


    Cainiao Network, an Alibaba Group's logistics arm, will put its first IoT (internet of things) Future Park into use for the upcoming "Double Eleven" (Nov 11) shopping frenzy.

  • China to lead in making world's first IoT finance standard


    China's proposal to set standards for an Internet of Things financial service system that supervises the pledge of movable property was officially approved by the ISO technical committee this week. Once fulfilled, it will become the world's first IoT standards to be applied in the finance sector.

  • Medical IoT expo opens in Wuxi


    The first China Hospital Internet of Things Conference was held in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center on Oct 19-21.

  • 3D printing innovation base opens in Wuxi


    A 3D printing innovation base under the Ministry of Education's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Technology Engineering Research Center was unveiled in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, on Oct 10.

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