• September to witness 2018 World IoT Expo in Wuxi


    The 2018 World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT) is set to take place from Sept 15 to 18 in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, according to the expo’s organizing committee on April 11.

  • Wuxi to be center for Alibaba's IoT industry development


    Alibaba Group Holding has announced plans to build a network of 10 billion interconnected devices within the next five years as part of its plan to increase efforts to explore the internet of things.

  • IoT tech makes job fairs efficient


    The first comprehensive job fair sponsored by Wuxi's Xinwu district was held on Feb 24 after the Spring Festival holiday, attracting over 180 enterprises offering 6,800 jobs.

  • Wuxi set to grow its IoT ecosystem


    After inviting a host of industrial leaders and projects, Wuxi, a city about 130 km west of Shanghai, is ready to make 2018 a milestone year for the development of the internet of things or IoT.

  • Solicit theme for 2018 WIOT


    Wuxi will host the 2018 World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT) from Sep 15 to 18 this year. Everyone is invited to propose a theme for this convention, with a chance to win 5,000 yuan ($794.5) if one's theme is chosen.

  • China IoT standards to go global


    The Draft International Standards (DIS) was passed in New Delhi, India, as a precursor before China's Internet of Things (IoT) standards can be rolled out globally, according to the Wuxi Internet of Things Research Institute on Jan 3.

  • Wuxi-made supercomputer maintains the title as world’s fastest


    Once again, China's Sunway Taihu-Light has topped the latest list of the world's fastest supercomputers, according to Top500's biannual ranking of the world's 500 fastest supercomputers published on Nov 13.

  • Wuxi logistics firm establishes smart factory overseas


    The first batch of 50,000 sets of tires roll from the production line in China’s leading tire manufacturer’s Thailand smart factory that Zhongding Logistics Company established for the company.

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