IoT powers manufacturing success at Wuxi Lead

By Xu Yinjuan, Owen Fishwick Updated:2017-08-14

Thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and the intelligent factory concept, one Wuxi manufacturer is competing on the global stage against some of the world's top companies.


Miao Feng introduces Wuxi Lead's intelligent factory on Aug 9. [Photo provided to] 

Wuxi Lead, now one of the largest lithium-ion battery equipment manufacturers in the world, has overtaken many of its Japanese and Korean rivals, according to Miao Feng, deputy director of the company’s R&D department.

This in part is due to years of research and development and the implementation of IoT and the intelligent factory- which combines and streamlines the industrial chain using a digital platform.

Wuxi Lead’s intelligent factory, which was co-developed with IBM, allows it to record all process via a cloud platform. Processes such as project evaluation, task arrangement, product design, manufacturing, packaging and delivery, can all be carried out via the cloud- increasing efficiency and accuracy.

According to Cao Liming, a workshop manager at the company, the cloud and big data platform has increased Wuxi Lead’s on-time delivery rate to 95 percent, as well as improving inventory turnover by 30 percent.

“The efficiency and accuracy of data processing and statistics are now six times higher than the former statistics,” Cao said.

In addition to the cloud and big data, Wuxi Lead has also introduced a wireless control and management system attached to many of its products, allowing engineers to monitor performance and solve problems faster.  

Wuxi Lead is just one of many manufacturers benefiting from implementing IoT technology into their internal processes.


Photographers and reporters visit the Wuxi Lead on Aug 9. [Photo provided to] 

The company was featured during a recent media tour promoting the 2017 World Internet of Things (WIOT) Exhibition which is to be held in Wuxi from Sept 10 to 13.


A photographer takes photos of a lithium battery product at Wuxi Lead on Aug 9. [Photo provided to]

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