IoT tech makes job fairs efficient Updated:2018-03-09

The first comprehensive job fair sponsored by Wuxi's Xinwu district was held on Feb 24 after the Spring Festival holiday, attracting over 180 enterprises offering 6,800 jobs.

The job fair featured a recruitment platform aided by IoT technology, which helped match qualified talents with appropriate enterprises.

Job applicants needed to scan a QR code at the entrance and enter their resume to get an e-ticket for the job fair. With the automatic recommendation of specific job information by the IoT system, job applicants were able to send their resumes to their desired jobs on the phone.

HR workers can then check the applications on the phone within a few seconds. "We used to only be able to interview 10 people in one morning at these on-site recruiting events. That number has now doubled thanks to the IoT system", said Zhang Yi, an HR worker at Fanda Communication Component.

Online resume submission saves senders and receivers a lot of effort. Moreover, the IoT recruitment platform can give more choice to both employers and applicants. Job applicants' electronic resumes can be stored in an enterprise's potential talent pool, making job recruiting an easier and more continuous process.

A total of 22 job fairs will be held in Xinhu district by the end of March, providing more opportunities for both employers and applicants.