Wuxi sets up IoT industry association

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-07-12


The first congress of Wuxi Internet of Things Industry Association is held on July 5. [Photo/js.xinhuanet.com]

Wuxi Internet of Things Industry Association was officially established and its first congress opened on July 5.

According to the congress, Zhang Hualin, general manager of China Telecom Wuxi Company, was elected president. Members of the association are leading internet of things (IoT) enterprises, including the Wuxi branch of China Mobile, the Wuxi branch of China Union, Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd, Envision Energy, CETHIK Group, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, the Wuxi branch of Alibaba Cloud and the IoT Institute of Jiangnan University.

The association integrates sensor, net, platform and application companies in the IoT industry, aiming to boost the development the industry in Wuxi, the country's only innovative demonstration area for the IoT industry.

"The establishment of Wuxi Internet of Things Industry Association is a milestone for the industry in Wuxi," said Zhang.

"The association is expected to link all the joiners in the industrial chain to become a whole and guide the direction of IoT development in the city, helping deepen the industrial superiority in Wuxi and build a smart city here."