Information technology makes Wuxi smarter Updated:2018-12-21


As part of the 2018 World Internet of Things Exposition, the world's first city-level internet of vehicle LTE-V2X application demonstration area attracts 1,300 citizens interested in a brand new way of transportation in September. [Photo provided to]

Wuxi city is making further steps in becoming a qualified smart city by improving its information infrastructure and applying cloud computing, big data, internet of things and mobile internet.

In terms of its basic network, the city has continued promoting and optimizing services related to 4G networking and is striving to develop a 5G network. The coverage of optical fiber wideband extends to all the residential communities in the city and the NB-IoT network covers urban areas, counties and major towns.

The scale of internet of things (IoT) ranks first among all prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu province. The province's first public cloud platform, OneNET, is now online and the city initiated the world's first city-level internet of vehicle project, LTE-V2X, in May 2018.

Smart towns have been constructed, including the IoT Experience Center in Hongshan Town, the agricultural IoT town in Dingshu, and Xuntang Ancient Town, an all-round smart town that employs more than 20 IoT applications. IoT was also applied in other ways, such as in China's first commercial NB-IoT parking system, intelligent water meters and intelligent safety locks for shared bikes.

The city also sped up the construction of the T-Park Cloud Computing Center, whose first and second phases have been finished while the third is ongoing. Cloud computing technology has been widely applied in the city, covering the fields of administrative management, education, medical treatment and industry.

The city has applied big data technology to secure city construction, tourist resource analysis, hot-button issue consultation and more. A big data system was also established to collect security data for the emergency command center of Binhu Public Security Bureau. The project "indoors-positioning-system smart shopping mall by employing big data", which was conducted in cooperation with Wuxi Coastal City Shopping Mall, won the "2017 China Information Communication and Internet Plus Application Outstanding Achievement Award".